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Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy was originally discovered by NASA about 40 years ago to stimulate plant growth. Red LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy was also found to encourage cell repair and healing of injuries that occurred to astronauts while in space.
Recently, this “space” therapy began to be applied in Dermatology.
That is a safe, easy and effective way to promote calm energy and healing, and it has many benefits. It’s a safe and healthy way to encourage your body to produce beneficial enzymes and collagen, which improves your general health and the quality of the skin.
The primary effects are beautiful and healthy skin, while secondary and long-term effects are improved skin clarity, tone, and texture. It also reduces dark circles around the eyes and makes wrinkles disappear quickly. Also, it helps reduce pigmentation and tired-looking, cleans face from acne, reduces pores and elicits the production of collagen.
This therapy is a non-invasive way that can reverse the appearance of aging in the skin. But if you are photo-allergic or take medications that make you light sensitive, don’t use it.

Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

Thanks to celebrities who are aging gracefully, beauty plays the main role today.
Red light therapy systems can delete the signs of aging.
This system is different from laser technology, and it is different from the sun’s rays too, as it has no harmful UV components. For better effects, you will need to commit to daily sessions during the first few weeks of treatment. After a while, 3 to 4 times a week may be recommended. You can expect results to be seen in 1 to 3 months, as the efficacy of the system will depend on a person’s age and overall skin condition. Patients with rosacea and redness have also found relief using this system, even those who are unable to tolerate higher heat laser therapies.
Red light therapy has shown multiple effects for treating symptoms of joint pain or osteoarthritis due to aging, those caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, hair loss, wounds or incisions, acne, wrinkles and skin discoloration, chronic muscular pain, neurological damage, and tissue damage. Light therapy may also help with different types of depression, sleep disorders, and other conditions.
Another anti-aging effect of RLT reverse hair loss and stimulating follicle growth. Results have been mixed according to studies, but at least a moderate portion of both male and female patients have had positive results in reversing baldness/hair loss.

Increased production of collagen and fibroblasts!

Benefits of RLT:

• Increased circulation and the formation of new capillaries
• Increased lymph system activity
• Increased production of collagen and fibroblasts
• Increased release of ATP, or raw cellular energy
• Increased phagocytosis, or cellular clean up
• Tissue granulation stimulated
• Inflammation reduced
• Acne
• Rosacea
• Eczema
• Psoriasis
• Cold sores and herpes
• Everyday cuts scrapes burn & bruises

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