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About Us

At ReNew You Cryo we have one thing in mind, You. Whether you are an athlete who needs to recover from a sports injury, someone with arthritis or chronic pain, or just want a mental and physical regeneration, we are here for you. Whole Body Cryotherapy has been gaining recognition in the United States for the last few years, but Impact Cryotherapy has taken it to the next level. With the Impact Cryotherapy Sauna we can replicate your treatment every time, giving you the exact treatment as the time before. Other saunas leave the treatment to the technician. Once we know what works best for you, we simply program it into the computer so you get the same experience every time.

At our studio, we use next generation recovery technology of whole body cryotherapy. We also combine cryotherapy treatments with personalized physical fitness and nutrition counselling where needed.

ReNew You has a modern view of health and beauty. We are committed to working together and communicating as a treatment team, and to meeting the client’s needs. We are also dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their maximum level of physical ability while providing a wide range of other whole body applications due to the cryo-therapy process.

We also offer the newest Red Light Therapy beds.
Red Light Therapy is fairly modern and the benefits are very impressive!


There are many health benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy.
Cryotherapy is also called the ’fountain of youth and health’. This cold experience has shown many benefits for human health. There are many reasons for that. Stepping into a chamber, you activate your whole immune system. Read more

World’s professional athletes are using Whole Body Cryotherapy.
For decades, they have used cold baths to relieve pain and for faster recovery from injury in training. Today, athletes are the best advertisement for Cryotherapy. Read more

Red Light Therapy was originally discovered by NASA about 40 years ago to stimulate plant growth. Red LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy was also found to encourage cell repair and healing of injuries that occurred to astronauts while in space.
Recently, this “space” therapy began to be applied in Dermatology. Read more

This is a therapy commonly used for the treatment of pain and inflammation after an acute injury or surgical procedures and has become one of the most common treatments in orthopedic medicine. It is a combination of cryotherapy and static compression. Read more